Practice at The Yoga Door ~ Events and Classes

The Yoga Door wasn’t originally intended to be an actual place!
The term was metaphoric, referring to the magical transformation I witnessed in students when they really got into their yoga practice and started paying attention to their lives.
“Step into the practice of yoga, step through the yoga door, and the transformation begins . . . ” I would say!
Now there is an actual door at 311 5th Street in Crested Butte. When you walk through that door you will be offered personalized attention and hands-on assistance in a small class setting. Every time. I promise.

Weekly Public Classes in Crested Butte, CO

Practice weekly with Dina! Learn more 

Practice weekly with Carin! Learn More

Stiff Men’s Yoga Series with Dina

SUMMER SERIES BEGINS JUNE 15! If you’re a stiff guy (or you know a stiff guy) and prefer a smaller class setting, more personalized attention and a late afternoon class, this series is for you! If you’d like to try a class before committing to a series, you may drop in if space allows. Learn More

Kula Gathering with Carin & Dina

I love the word Kula – it means a community of the heart.  At the Yoga Door, we’d like to create a kula with all of you, offering gatherings where we can pair socializing with  fun, yogi-themed activities.  We’d like to explore book reviews, ayurvedic cooking,  potlucks, discussions on requested topics, mala making and more.

For our first kula get together, I’d love to gather us all and teach you how to make OJAS drink.  This ayurvedic drink is super yummy, super easy and great for replenishing your physical and mental energy.  We’ll learn about it as we prepare it in our small kitchen area and enjoy it while we socialize.  Stay as little or as long as you would like.

For this kula, event, please register ahead of time so I know how much food to purchase.  If you decide to drop by, that’s great, you are just taking your chances :D   Learn More

Spring Inspiration Series with Dina

This series has been designed to inspire your yoga practice as we thaw out from the winter months and get ready for spring.  Learn More

Let it In, Let it Out, Let it Be with Carin

Weekly Class on Sunday Nights. The perfect end to an active weekend! Join Carin for a mindful asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breath) practice, followed by guided yoga nidra meditation. This deep, thoughtful practice will leave you feeling blissful and renewed for the Monday ahead.
Space is limited to 8 and registration is requested by noon of class day. Learn More

Big Wheels Keep on Movin’ with Carin

Tuesdays from 4 – 5:30, 7 sessions, one for each chakra. Join me as we explore each of the 7 chakras through asanas, mudras, sound, meditation, food and crystals.  You’ll learn more about what chakras are, learn how to balance them and have a fun, relaxing time!  Class size is limited to 6 to ensure the best possible experience for each yogi.  While it would be great if you can come to all 7 sessions, its fine to sign up for one or just a few.  I know its summer, so commit to what makes sense for you.  Learn More

Joyful Journeys: Yoga & Hot Springs Retreat

NEXT RETREAT DECEMBER 2016. If you’re feeling depleted, exhausted, spread too thin and running on auto-pilot this weekend is for YOU. Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it’s about the transformative power of getting yourself back to the top of your own priority list. Learn more